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Choosing a Maine Orthopedic Center for Joint Replacement Procedures

orthopedic surgery center

orthopedic surgery center

We often take our bodies for granted—especially during our youth.  For most of our early lives, we never really think about how effortlessly everything in our body seems to work until something starts to go wrong. As we age, the body understandably goes through many different changes, and different issues start to emerge. One common issue that many people experience is joint pain. Often times this joint pain may be related to arthritis, but sometimes it is the early warning signs that more medical intervention is needed. More specifically, many people in this country require joint replacement procedures to correct a knee, hip or shoulder joint.

If you find out that you need joint replacement surgery, you want to find the best surgeons and specialists out there. This research is absolutely crucial since you want the best possible treatment for something that will greatly impact your future quality of life. One great orthopedic care center in Maine is OA Centers for Orthopaedics. This orthopedic practice is highly respected throughout the country for its cutting-edge technology–especially when it comes to joint replacement procedures. In fact, this orthopedic center is known for its “24 Hour Hip” procedure—a minimally invasive surgery which often allows patients to rest comfortably at home with minimal pain medication (even Tylenol) after just one day.

If you need joint replacement surgery, talk to medical professionals and surgeons to understand if a minimally invasive approach will work for your specific condition. Also, be sure to understand the after-care treatment plan and how much physical therapy can be incorporated into your recovery plan to quickly regain your strength and mobility.